December 5, 2008

Afro DZ ak > Press Clippings

In 2008, Afro DZ ak's solo debut Elevation got spins + ink across the country. Here's a selection of what the press had to say:

"You ever heard of an emcee you can also play the trumpet? Me neither... Lyrically, Afro DZ ak doesn't slack on the mic as he weaves through different topics with ease and an uncanny ability to connect with the listener... The sweet singing in the hook and instrumentation reminds me of vintage ATCQ" Rap Reviews

"It sounds as though the music could be coming from a Miles Davis record, not a hip-hop album." Tufts Daily

"This record is one that should fly off the shelves, making strides to bring people together through positive songs."
Rider News

"Not often does one come across a musical hybrid like the rapping and trumpet-playing Afro DZ ak... The album fails to disappoint with its combination of conscious, intelligent lyrics and skillfully played music."
NYU News

"Elevation will turn heads as the album is defiantly booming with inspiration and successfully manages to separate itself from the stereotypical sound in hip-hop."
Buffalo Spectrum

"The winning ingredient in this eclectic hip hop stew is the music. DZ ak colorfully loops soulful horns, organs, and other jazzy tidbits over beats that leave even the most discriminating of listeners susceptible to head bobbing. "
The Noise

"Uplifting and thought-provoking"
Lost at Sea