January 23, 2009

Kaya - Metaform Crush Remix

The producer Metaform is working with Gnotes and Elemental Zazen on both of their upcoming albums, but this here's just a likkle bootlegd remix of his track "Crush" from Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, one of my favorite albums of 2008.

Metaform - "Crush (Kaya Remix)" Download MP3

Kaya [aka Cat Gomez] is a French MC based in Granada (Spain) who collaborated with Gnawledge on Granada Doaba. For the anglophonos in the room, she's rappin in français until 1:38 and then reboots into espangñol for the finish.

Metaform's blenditure of instrumental hip-hop and old-school funk is right up my cup o'tea alley. Support the artist.

January 20, 2009

Gnotes - "Guitars in the Trunk"

The first track form Gnotes' 2006 album INTHRUMENTAL, "Guitars in the Trunk" is about the Gnawledge Records trip to Cuba for the 10th annual Havana Hip-Hop Festival. We brought a mobile studio down to do some recording with Anonimo Consejo, a pair of Cuban MCs.

When we arrived at the José Martí International Airport, the security agents were unbothered by our guitars and drum machines, but they were not happy about us importing microphones into Cuba.

Video by Canyon Cody.

"The human voice is a beautiful thing,
but the human voice is a powerful thing.
They confiscated our bags when we got off the plane.
Suitcase with instruments and all types
of machines that make beats,
but they only took the mics.
Charged with illegal vocal amplification,
Locked my mic behind the cell
but released us form the station.
Homeless, lazy, lifeless, sunk.
Technics in the backseat,
Guitars in the trunk."

Purchase Gnotes' Inthrumental @ iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby, but whatever you do, don't bootleggus.

MySpace: Gnotes + Anonimo Consejo