November 20, 2007

Luz Aire y La Calle

Granada Jazz Band
As part of the XXVIII Festival de Jazz, there's been live music in the streets of Granada every Saturday. The festival's organizers gave Gnawledge permission to record this week's performance, but while we set up in Plaza Nueva, the capricious ensemble rerouted themselves to Plaza Bib-Rambla instead.

Granada Jazz Band 2

Disappointed about a missed opportunity, me and my pair of Rode NT2-A mics caught the attention of a trio of musicians (below) who asked us if we'd be interested in recording their performance.

Music in Plaza Nueva (Granada)

But Granada overprovides. Not 5 minutes later we met another group of musicians who were also performing in the street that afternoon. Stuck between a sofa and soft place, we decided to leave the didgeridoo and violin behind and record instead with Luzaire, who played a fusion of flamenco, arab, brasilian and afrocuban music.

The mp3s below were recorded live on the street on November 17, 2007.

Luzaire 3

Luzaire - "Guajirilla Ruborosa" (mp3)

Luzaire 2

Luzaire - "Mano Franca" (mp3)

The video has no sound, so play it with the audio clip below.

Luzaire - "Breve y Sincero" (mp3)

Luzaire 1

Luzaire - "Muy Triste El Mar" (mp3)

Luzaire 5

Luzaire - "Conventos Vacios" (mp3)

Again, the video has no sound, but check my brief appearance at the very end.

Luzaire - "La Palmera Airosa" (mp3)

Luzaire 5

Luzaire - "Mírame Madre" (mp3)

que bien rollo!: A sunny Saturday afternoon in the public domain, listening to borderfree music by the Rio Darro.

rightclik + download all 11 mp3s (zip = 53mb)
Also, check out Una Vuelta en Granada for more pictures.

October 8, 2007

Gnotes - "Throw Your Nickels Up" from Rhymes and Beats.

Rhymes and Beats

Buy the album at Amazon, CDBaby or iTunes

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March 15, 2007

Video of gNotes and Afro DZ ak freestyling at Tufts University, moving from the mic to the trumpet, from live drums and to organic rhymes

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January 28, 2007

New videos from gNotes performing at the Radix record release show.

gnotes - "Punchlines" (John Mayer Remix)

gnotes - "No Man's An Island"

gnotes - "Pete the Banker"

January 5, 2007

Edutainment from Afro DZ ak, dropping gnawledge on the mic and through his trumpet.

"Action is what gives words traction
And true service to others is its own satisfaction" Afro DZ ak

"The youth need a little inspiration
Beyond the mass media infiltration" Afro DZ ak

Much repect to Speakerheart for producing these films.
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January 1, 2007

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