February 24, 2009

Knaan "ABCs" (Gnawledge Remix)

Knaan "ABC" [Gnawledge Remix]

The first Granada Doaba mash-up is from El Canyonazo, who hadn't done a proper smashie since "Emergency Xxplosives". The vocals are from Knaan's "ABCS" [feat. Chubb Rock] from his new album Troubadour.

The instrumental is "La Senda del Abuelo" from our hip-hop flamenco album Granada Doaba, featuring Gnawledge bredren Afro DZ ak on trumpet and Mohammed Dominguez on the darbuka drum. The guitar sample is from flamenco guitarist Juan Habichuela's song "Coge la Senda" (featuring singer Marina Heredia's voice at the end) from his Latin Grammy award-winning album Una Guitarra en Granada.

While in Granada, we were lucky enough to work with Juan Habichuela' grandson, an amazing 19 year old guitarist of the same name, but we'll have to save that story for another day . . .

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