February 3, 2009

Bohemia Al-Andalus [Yanng Remix]

The first Granada Doaba remix is from a Spanish MC named Yanng, who sharpened his canines performing every week with a live band at the Sunday JamSessions at BoogaClub in Granada (Spain).

Yanng came by the Gnawledge studio with his compañero Asis (video below) and freestyled over the instrumental "Bohemia Al-Andalus." Yanng went home with the beat his brain and scribed us a Doaba anthem:

"Eso no son rumbas de feria,
es una fusión de músicas serias.
Música antigua, ahora hecha nueva.

Much respect to Yanng for breaking the seal on the Granada Doaba remix project.

Anyone else interested? We got strumentals --> doaba@gnawledge.com


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