April 13, 2009

Granada Doaba remix project

Gnawledge's instrumental record Granada Doaba is done and the remix project has just barely begun, but we already got some amazing contributions...

First, a peek into the kitchen of French rapper Kaya while she practices lyrics over the Granada Doaba instrumental "Nunca Fui A Granada" [featuring Gnotes on the guitar + cajon]. Video recorded in the AlbaicĂ­n (Granada, Spain)

Gnawledge - "Nunca Fui A Granada (Kaya Remix)" Download MP3

Second, we got a wicked bilingual dance track from Moses, an MC from the nuAi tribe.

Gnawledge - "Bohemia Al-Andalus (Moses Remix)" Download MP3

anyone else down for a collab?


vince said...

actuallyy... KAYA can you email me? sonidodelprincipe@gmail.com, i'd love to do a collab with you! my stuff is CUMBIA, check it here:


Anonymous said...

Buen comienzo